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Mats like this are used in Gymnastic Dance classes to give pupils confidence when learning gymnastic skills
Netherhall School is the home of the Jandor School-classes are held in the Dining Hall or the Dance Studio
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4.30-5.15 Junior Ballet (ages 3-6)
5.20-6.10 Inter Ballet (ages 7-12)
6.15-7.10 Senior/Adult Ballet (ages 13+)
7.10-8.00 Senior/Adult Tap (ages 18+)
4.30-5.15 Junior Acro (ages 3-6)
5.20-6.20 Inter Acro & Production (ages 7-12)
6.30-8.00 Senior Acro & Production (ages 13+)
Production is a range of genres (theatre, jazz, lyrical etc.)
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